Friday, September 30, 2011

Leaving in 2 days... we think

So!  This is us, our team of two. And we are here to entertain you! This blog is to relay the adventures and misadventures of Emerson and Hollie as we ride our bicycles across the 'ole USA, via the Southernmost route. We originally planned to leave Sunday, but things came up and we postponed a day.... Now we're leaving Monday Oct 3 @ 7am, taking Kingston Pike/Hwy 11 to Chattanooga.  Hell yeah! We are now two days away from departure.  Gear acquired, bikes tuned up, farewell party had.  You' think we'd be ready as can be.  There's still some lose ends to tie up, like squeezing in an 8- hour mountain bike race, checking the route, and ... um, packing. One tube of toothpaste, two flasks of whiskey-check double check.   We're taking one day at a time, and we've got a place to stay in Chattanooga, but the only thing Emerson's mentioned about our first stop is a mandatory stop at Lamar's, for renowned fried chicken...  we will keep you posted.


  1. Woooohoo Come oooon Chattaboogie! Let me know when you're here. I'd love to meet you for a drank at Lamar's. And if it's not open, Champy's is right down the street with equally delish chicken.

  2. don't go...

    oh, you're already gone. :(