Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Morning of day 3

Waking up in a house after two full days of riding is nice.
Yesterday we rolled into Chattanooga at around 3 pm to meet up with some of Hollies family friends, Mark, Priscilla, and Ralph the dog. They graciously offered up their home for the evening along with hot showers, a great meal, homemade cookies, and a cozy bed. Touring is seeming pretty lush so far.

So for a ride re-cap we spent Monday morning meeting with various friends who rode us various distances from Worlds Fair Park in Downtown Knoxville. There were stops to shoot off fireworks, people had to split off and go to work, hugs were given, good-byes were said, screw-drivers had.

Shane was able to ride us all the way to Lenoir City where he treated us to a hearty lunch, Thank You!! More good byes said and its down to Hollie and I.

Road conditions overall were good, Hollie attached an American Flag to the B.O.B trailer which most folks were quite receptive to. Sweetwater offered us the viewing pleasure of the worlds smallest horse drawn carriage complete with a suspension system. This guy was on a mission barreling down the hwy at a solid 5 mph, no one yelled "get outta da road" at him. Stealth photos were attempted and failed.

We made our way to Riceville about 70 miles from Knoxville were we set up our tent in a field for the evening. Dirtbaggin' it!! We had the cutest dog as a guest for the evening, we deemed her PYT as in pretty young thing, burritos + margaritas for dinner and its bed time.

So its time to hit the road again!
Making our way towards Madison, AL and the Natchez Trace!! We'll update again soon... ish.

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  1. YYEEEOOOWWWW!!! American Flag is the secret to respect on the road. Nobody is going to run over old glory! Have a blast, I'll be keeping up with your trip. Much Love from Sam Jordan