Wednesday, November 9, 2011

They don't call it Hill Country without reason

So here we are,
sitting in the public library in Camp Wood, TX. As always a lot has happened since our last post. We left Austin Saturday, after having breakfast with Mary Beth and Brian, Knoxvillians who happened to be in town for a wedding. The original plan was to leave around 2 pm and get a good 50 miles in, the reality had us leaving at 5:45 pm after a few last drinks with friends and a debate of whether or not to stay one last night for the "moon tower" ride. We chased the sun out of downtown and even had some sprinkles and lightning in the distance. When its time to leave a town, it's time, and its nice to be back on the road.
We spent the night 30-ish miles West of Austin in a park in Buda, TX. Next morning we Caught up on some reading, checked and double checked our gear and realized a few important pieces were missing. Namely our cookware....
As luck would have it there was a camp store nearby and in not too long we had fried eggs and Benton's' bacon!!(thanks Lauren and Christa!) in our bellies. Another late start led us to Blanco, TX, The downtown here was used while filming the re-make of "True Grit". It is also home to Real Ale brewing, the makers of delicious coffee porter. We stayed in Blanco State Park, took long showers and got a good nights rest.
Next night was Kerrville and another city park made campground, chili for dinner and a restless night took us to Leakey last night. This is were we really got to know what was meant by hill country. A big climb up a ridge- several ridges- and over into the canyon took us through a savanna-like environment of scrub brush and changing leaves. We saw what we think to be an antelope, and an emu, at some kind of game reserve... and then rode through a maple corridor following the Guadalupe River.Camp was made behind a vacant building beside the public library. Veggie tacos for dinner hit the spot with strawberry ice cream for dessert.
Now we've made our way further westward and are heading towards Bracketville this evening.

There's so much I know Ive missed and hopefully we will get another post in the next few days!

Dinner with John Baker and George Middlebrooks at Live Oak BBQ Austin

austin bike murals, an urban farm, and a touch of home in the form of a heart-shaped sunsphere and benton's bacon. Ohhh, our friends are true blue.

Rolled into a small town halloween fest. i finally got to wear my costume as a cyclist off the bike.  

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