Sunday, October 23, 2011

Old Friends, Gumbo, Alligators, and Great Times!

So much has happened since we left New Orleans that we are going to post a brief overview until we get to a computer for a full post:
Pulled into Baton Rouge Thursday mid-day
Had pizza that evening with Mick ( my real boss) at Fleur de Lis (Pizza!!)
Stayed with Noah (old Knoxville friend)
Met a huge crew of Baton Rouge kids
Good Times!!!
Had a fire Friday night, not much sleep to be had.
Rolled out around 11:30 (a little later than planned)
Met Toby outside of Morganza, LA (~40 miles outside of Baton Rouge)
He took us to a Cajun blowout on the levee ( pig roast, gumbo boil, and cracklins) met another crew of great people who were amazingly hospitable!
Tomato gravy and rice for breakfast!
Toby took us out on Old River today and we saw our first alligator!!!
Back on the road and made our way about 40 miles to Plaucheville, LA
Got a spot in the city park and are still recovering from the past 72 hours
This is great!!!

More to come!

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