Tuesday, December 13, 2011

California, here we are....la la la la la


We crossed the state line Sunday... and oh! what a feeling.  More mountains, more palm trees, more saguaro cacti, and more yucca plants.   A change in time zone and a full moon all helped us celebrate with a beer at a Bait shop and hanging out by a fire.  Since then we've done two 90-mile days in a row, in a final push to get to the coast.  We should be in San Diego Wednesday, if the weather doesn't get too nasty!  Yesterday we had about 30 miles of rain, some decent hills, and the temperatures dropped.  I got a flat in this bad weather which made me cuss a healthy amount, then I wrote a song called, "California sun, where are you?"  It's a pretty good one, so I'm sure it'll make the top-40 list soon enough.

The road into Ocotillo, CA

Ocotillo, CA

Full moon

We camped underneath a weeping willow tree in the full moon. It was Beautiful.

California cottonfields? I guess so.

Glamis, CA

San Dune Recreation Area. Glamis, CA

Road into Ocotillo

Camping in Ocotillo...

The bar next to our camp spot

The road out of Ocotillo... I took this sign to say that going West was the only option.

There's nothing like looking at snow-dusted mountains in the morning and thinking, "I'm going up there..... damn."

In-Ko-Pah Pass.  Gaining 3,500 ft elevation in 17 miles, The steepest and longer pass yet.  The final pass into San Diego.

Clouds, California, and Coastlines to you,

Hollie and Emerson

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  1. It all sounds amazing. Can you play the new song with a TN twang and your banjo? All my love & merry Christmas. Aunt julie