Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ocean Beach San Diego!!

Sunset at Ocean Beach

Well, we finally made it.  After 74 days, 8 states, 3,700 miles, 9 flat tires, lots of prayers, encouraging words, and a few six packs of beer... we finally got to the Pacific Ocean.  It was expected and suprising all at the same time.  It was as if all that pedalling actually got us somewhere.  I thought, "Did we really bike here from our houses in Knoxville? no.. yeah.. wait, no... yeah.. nooo....yeahhh!  we did."  We have a lot of other friends who've made the trip, and I'm sure they were proud of themselves when they got to the ocean too.  But it was like it didnt hit me that our trip would actually end one day, and there we were at one of the most beautiful sites in the world- the Pacific Ocean.    We made phone calls to our folks, high-fived, and started looking for a place to stay for the night.
Pacific Ocean, we are excited to see you...

The Big Man made it.  Ughhhhh!
Our night in San Diego Bay

San Diego Maritime Museum

Navigating a big city... Where's the campground?

Day off in San Diego. Lots of laughing.

Emerson's true love- coffee.

San Diego Art Museum

Balboa Park, San Diego

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