Thursday, December 22, 2011

Travel Plans

For those of you who are interested, this is the way it's all going down.  Emerson and I went to Los Angeles separately; he rode to the Stone Brewery in Escondido, then took a bus to LA; I just rode and prayed it wouldn't rain while I camped under a bush.  We met up in LA at my buddy Douglas' sweet house in Venice Beach (hip area of town two blocks from Muscle Beach yeahhhh).  We did some staging, rearranging, and chilled out.  Then Tuesday Big Cat (Emerson) headed up the coast on busses and trains to Petaluma, where he is meeting with a frame builder for his custom mountain bike. Ughhh! 

I'm in Venice for Christmas; Emerson is in San Francisco.  He is taking a train to Chicago for New Year's, them driving down to Knoxville with friends.  And he might head back down to Baton Rouge soon after that too... hmm.

As for me, I'm still here in Venice Beach, hard-core chilling, keeping an eye on the waves, and checking out some art museums... I am leaving LA the day after Christmas, with hopefully enough time and good weather to ride to San Francisco before New Year's.   Once I get there, the bike tour is actually over, and I'll start a new chapter of Tour de Fun in the city.  The best I could hope for is honestly more of the same.

A couple random pictures from the last few days of riding...

California sun yeah yeah

California roadside

wind mills!

Sharon and her family took us in our last night on the road. It was cold and we were
Consulting the map outside of a grocery store when Sharon asks us, "Do you need a warm place to stay tonight?
And maybe a warm meal?"  Ummm.... YES.   What wonderful people and a lovely family.

Sharon's dog.

Riding towards Ocean Beach


  1. You guys are so rad! I am glad that you made it to the Left coast safely. I am also glad to hear that Emerson is still thinking about riding bikes in Baton Rouge. Can he survive the Big Easy twice in one year though?

  2. Hollie, Neil,s girlfriend nisha lives in San Francisco with her sister. Call or text Neil for info 901-409-7434. Glad you are in CA.